Friday, April 03

Brookdale Newsroom

Students Compete in NJ Cyber Security Challenge
Two students land in top 20; two in top 40

Brookdale Engineering and Technology Department Chair, Professor Michael Qaissaunee (center) is pictured here with Brookdale students who competed in the NJ Governor’s Cyber Security Challenge on Saturday, March 23. All four students, are enrolled in at least one of Qaissaunee’s Networking courses.

Students from left: Flamur ‘Tony’ Bomova finished in 36th place; Keith Novak finished in 28th place, Colin Mahns finished in 11th place, and Christian Nicholson finished in 19th place.

The statewide competition started online with 600 participants. The 104 competitors who made it through the online component, battled for the top positions in a face-to-face competition on Saturday using NetWars, a system used by the US Military, US Government agencies and business to evaluate and train cyber warriors.

The top 20 performers in Saturday’s event will be considered for ten grant-funded scholarships to the New Jersey CyberCenter™ at Brookdale (NJCCB), followed by placement in paid NJCCB residencies. Students who do not qualify for the scholarships may be able to pursue possible  internship/employment opportunities with companies partnering with this initiative.