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Brookdale Students Audition for MTVU
A male student auditions on camera for MTVU on the Lincroft campus.

Dozens of students were given a rare chance at stardom on Sept. 12 as MTVU descended on Brookdale’s Lincroft campus in search of its next on-air VJ.

For four hours, representatives from the college-focused cable network held open auditions in the Brookdale Visitors Lot, adjacent to the college’s annual Welcome Back BBQ. Aspiring stars were handed a microphone and a script, placed in front of a camera, and encouraged to let their personality shine while “introducing” videos from some of today’s most popular artists.

For second-year theater major Joseph Schiro, the experience was both educational and entertaining.

“I was really just having fun with it,” said Schiro. “My dream is to be in films one day, but this was a really good experience. I can be insecure on camera, but I think I did OK today.”

Student line up to audition for MTVU on the Lincroft campus on Sept. 12.

Student line up to audition for MTVU on the Lincroft campus on Sept. 12.

Those sentiments were echoed by creative writing major Amani Alnababteh, who waited in line for more than 20 minutes for her chance at the big-time.

“One of my dreams is to be an actress and inspire people to share their voice, so I thought this was a unique opportunity to put myself out there,” said Alnababteh. “Everyone was really nice and I think it went pretty well, so we’ll see if it works out.”

The students’ audition tapes will be reviewed alongside entries from select colleges across the country, with the winner earning an opportunity to work with MTVU on paid projects.

Production assistance for the auditions was provided by Brookdale Television’s Lauren Watson, Jennifer Yannibelli and Sergey Kornienko.

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