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Brookdale Hosts Spring 2018 Math Lab Day
Eight academic tutors in matching shirts stand in front of a red banner reading "Math Lab Day" in the Brookdale Math Lab.

Dozens of students came together in the MAS building on March 28 for a day of free food, prize raffles, group activities and academic contests offered as part of Spring 2018 Math Lab Day.

The all-day event, hosted in the Brookdale Math Lab on the second floor of MAS, was designed to introduce students to the wide variety of free services and support offered by the Math Lab’s dedicated team of academic tutors. Throughout the year, students can drop into the Math Lab with no appointment and receive free academic advising for a variety of Brookdale math courses, said academic tutor Valerie Nigrelli.

The facility also features a computer lab, quiet study areas, group study rooms, textbooks, calculators and other classroom materials available to any student taking a math-related course at Brookdale.

The Math Lab is a tremendously valuable resource for students, whether they are just beginning their studies or completing challenging, upper-level coursework,” said Nigrelli, who served as co-leader for this semester’s Math Lab Day

Two men work together with a textbook and paper at a table in the Brookdale Math Lab.

Academic tutor David Sitta (right) works with a student during Spring 2018 Math Lab Day.

“Our theme this semester is ‘Diversity and Equality: Making a Difference,’ and our goal today is to have some fun, raise awareness of the lab and expose new students to the services we offer.”

This semester’s event featured a variety of prize raffles and academic contests, including a series of brain-teasing math problems and a “guess how many” jar filled with paper clips.

Staff also set up a “Make Your Own Shape” station, encouraging students to make novel geometric designs out of construction paper and naming their creations for posterity. Contributions include a “flyagon,” a “nolagon,” and a “statoon.”

Throughout the day, attendees were also treated to free breakfast, lunch, popcorn and freshly spun cotton candy.

The Math Lab, which serves approximately 2,000 students each year, is open year-round in the MAS Building. Learn more about the Math Lab here

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