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Brookdale Hosts Fall 2016 Math Lab Day

Dozens of students came together in the MAS building on Oct. 19 for a day of free food, prize raffles, group activities and academic contests offered as part of Fall 2016 Math Lab Day.

The all-day event, hosted in the Brookdale Math Lab on the second floor of MAS, is designed to introduce students to the wide variety of free services and support offered by the Math Lab’s six full-time academic tutors, five part-time tutors and three student tutors.

The facility also features a dedicated computer lab, quiet and group study areas, textbooks, calculators and other classroom materials, which are available to any student taking a math-related course at Brookdale.

The Math Lab is one of the treasures of the Mathematics Department,” said associate professor Olga Malpica Proctor, who serves as faculty liaison to the Math Lab alongside assistant professor Hanli Huang. “The lab is much more than a room. It is a place where students can find a learning community as well as support and sound academic help. The staff at the lab works closely with faculty to support departmental curriculum guidelines and best practices in math pedagogy.

Students try their luck at a few math-themed challenges during Fall 2016 Math Lab Day on Oct. 19.

Students try their luck at a few math-themed challenges during Fall 2016 Math Lab Day on Oct. 19.

“Math Lab Day is dedicated to show off the Math Lab to our student body,” she added. “Our goal is simply to create a relaxed environment where students have the opportunity to meet the academic tutors and learn about the benefits of visiting the lab.”

This semester’s event featured a number of prize raffles and academic contests, including a series of brain-teasing math problems and a “guess how many” jar filled with tennis balls. Math Lab staff also hosted a day-long picture contest, encouraging students to post their selfies and group shots to the Math Lab’s Facebook page. 

Lucky winners walked away with new graphing calculators, gift cards, headphones and other valuable items designed to make the school year just a little bit easier. Attendees were also treated to free pizza, candy and refreshments throughout the day.

In the end, Proctor said she hopes Math Lab Day encourages students to feel more welcome in the Math Lab and take advantage of all it has to offer.

“We support students to help them reach their potential and success not only in class, but at the college,” said Proctor, adding that the Math Lab serves approximately 2,500 students each semester.

“Students receive academic support and have an opportunity to interact with their class peers. This interaction positively affects communication skills, intellectual growth, and the development of critical thinking skills. In general, the Math Lab adds value not only to the classroom experience but more broadly to the students’ college experience.”

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