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Brookdale Honors Student Workers, Supervisors

Brookdale administrators, faculty and staff took time out on April 21 to honor the more than 250 students have worked on campus this academic year.

During the 5th Annual Student Worker Appreciation Ceremony in the Student Life Center, Career Services Director Sarah McElroy joined Dean David Stout in recognizing the contributions student workers have made to nearly every Brookdale division and higher education center in 2014-15.

Student workers have also served with a number community service agencies, including the Boys and Girls Club in Asbury Park, Lunch Break in Red Bank and the Monmouth Museum. This semester alone, Stout said, students workers logged nearly 120,000 hours.

“That’s roughly 3,800 hours per week,” said Stout, Dean of Enrollment Development & Student Affairs. “You are an integral part of making Brookdale Community College such a wonderful place. I hope the entire campus will join me in thanking our student workers for their dedication to their on-campus positions, their academic programs and their many contributions to the Brookdale community.”


Michael Medley and Edward Johnson were honored as outstanding supervisors at the 5th Annual Student Worker Appreciation Day on April 21.

More than a dozen student workers were nominated by their supervisors for Brookdale’s Student Worker of the Year Award, including: Katrina Byrd; Shannon Dallas; Chandra Daniels; Jordan Dechev; Matt Doyle; Alicia Ivory; Rachel Mardiha; Niyasia Medies; Megan O’Shea; Randall Stokes.

Third place went to Freehold Campus worker Gina Frusciano, and second place went to Math Lab student worker Ashley Crelin. Katy Burdge, student ambassador for Recuitment and Admissions services, was named Student Worker of the Year.

“Katy is the perfect example of what an ambassador should be,” said Bruce Marich, director of recruitment services. “There isn’t an event or situation that we couldn’t ask Katy to help with. Her professionalism, competence and deep understanding of all things Brookdale make her an ideal mentor for newer ambassadors and our go-to ambassador for event coverage. We are extremely proud of Katy and her accomplishments. Now the rest of Brookdale can share in our pride.”

Student workers were also able to cast their own nominations for Supervisor of the Year.

Nominees included Admissions representative Reve Anderko; associate language Professor Deborah DeBlasio; Testing Center Supervisor William DeVoe; Writing Center learning assistant Mary Ann Kerwin; Small Business Development Center Director Jackeline Mejias-Fuertes; Writing Center learning assistant Nicolette Nicola; and assistant Financial Aid Director Rhonda Underwood-Rimpel.

Economics Learning Assistant Helen Anne Johnson came in third place; Long Branch Higher Education Center Director Edward Johnson took second place; and Events Management Manager Michael Medley was declared Supervisor of the Year.

“Since the day I walked into his office, Mr. Medley welcomed me and since has made me a better person,” wrote student worker Elvis Clime. “He has helped me overcome many of the overwhelming aspects of my first year in college … and gives me the perspective on certain situations in life that I believe have helped me become a mature and responsible yoing man.”

In between awards presentations, McElroy and Career Services representative Blair Dayton raffled off more than half a dozen Brookdale gift bags and signed Harlem Globetrotters basketballs to student workers in the audience.

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