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Brookdale Honors Program Welcomes Forty New Members
Dozens of students, faculty and administrators stand together on the Lincroft campus walkway.

Dozens of Monmouth County’s highest achieving students were officially welcomed into the Brookdale Honors Program Aug. 10, during a day-long orientation program on the Lincroft campus.

The students – who form the one of the largest cohorts to join the Honors Program in recent memory – were greeted by a wide range of faculty, administrators and fellow students, including honors coordinator Jonathan Moschberger, assistant coordinator Cheryl Fencik and interim Brookdale President David Stout.

“Welcome to Brookdale, and congratulations to you all on joining our honors program,” said Stout. “You are not only going to save tens of thousands of dollars on your college education, but when you go to transfer, you will have your pick. The best colleges in the country are going to be looking for you. This program won’t be easy – it’s going to be a lot of work – but you are going to be doing it together. And you will have our support every step of the way.”

The orientation began with an overview of the Brookdale Honors Program, which allows students to make their most of their freshman and sophomore years by enrolling in demanding courses, participating in service learning programs, honing leadership skills and building valuable connections with their classmates and professors.

Interim President David Stout (right) speaks with Brookdale's newest honor students on Aug. 10.

Interim President David Stout (right) speaks with Brookdale’s newest honor students on Aug. 10.

Honor students are also eligible for exclusive scholarships, awards, commencement distinctions and academic opportunities, including participation in Brookdale’s annual Honors Symposium in April.

“You have all made a fantastic choice,” said Moschberger. “Getting your start here, you will be able to transfer anywhere you want to go. And you are going to have the support of every office, every honors faculty member, and all of our honor students, who are going to help you get acclimated to college and make the most of your time at Brookdale.”

Moschberger also discussed some recent honors program success stories, including students who have performed research for NASA, transferred to universities such as Columbia and Georgetown, and were selected to the All-USA Academic Team. For the past two years, the Brookdale Honors Program has also produced the top achieving community college student in the state of New Jersey.

A number of returning honor students – now serving as official mentors in the Honors Program – helped lead the orientation program and shared the benefit of their own experiences with the incoming class.

“The honors program has been a great experience for me,” said second-year civil engineering major Matt Laub, who also serves as vice president of the Brookdale Chemistry Society. “One of the biggest benefits for has simply been the connection – being able to meet new people and make new friends who share a lot of the same interests as you. Most of the friends I have today, I met right here. So my advice to any new student is put yourself out there, hang out on campus and get involved. It makes a huge difference.”

The orientation also featured a series of ice-breaking games and activities, including a campus-wide scavenger hunt requiring students to track down the Bankier Library, CAR building, Student Life Center and other important facilities.

Throughout the day, representatives from a wide range of departments – including Student Engagement, Student Life and Activities, Counseling and Advising, and each of Brookdale’s Academic Institutes stopped by to offer their support and welcome the new honor students to the Brookdale family.

The incoming cohort – totaling 40 students – will join 30 returning students in the Brookdale Honors Program.

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