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Brookdale Faculty, Staff Recognized by Board of Trustees
Faculty members stand with Maureen Murphy and Brookdale trustees during the Staff Performance Recognition program in the Student Life Center.

More than 20 Brookdale faculty and staff members were honored for their outstanding achievements this past academic year during the Brookdale Board of Trustee’s monthly public meeting in Lincroft on April 18.

Nineteen faculty members from all four academic institutes were recognized for earning promotions or tenure, while three staff members were presented with the 2017 Performance Recognition Award. Addressing a capacity crowd of honorees, colleagues, friends and family, President Maureen Murphy thanked the employees for helping to make Brookdale one of the finest community colleges in the nation.

“The folks here tonight are truly impressive, with a real commitment to our students, to their learning and their progress,” Murphy said. “More than that, they contribute to their disciplines, they contribute to the life of this college and they contribute to the life of this community. I am so grateful for all of you.”

Introducing the faculty who were up for promotion or being granted tenure, mathematics professor Arminda Wey explained the demanding review process instructors and professors must complete in order to be recommended for the next level of professorship.

This year, Wey said, nearly 30 worthy faculty members were considered by an 18-member college-wide promotion committee over a period of six weeks, with recommendations made based on teaching excellence, leadership, professional growth and service to the college.

“We unquestionably had more than 10 very qualified candidates, and I expect that we will have many more equally qualified candidates who will apply next year,” said Wey. “The work of all 28 candidates who applied this year impacts not only the college and its reputation, but the larger community as well.”

This year’s promoted faculty have contributed to a wide range of college initiatives and programs, Wey added, including the Brookdale Crisis Hotline, the First Year Experience program, the expansion of transportation services, and the promotion of STEM majors and women in STEM. Promoted faculty also include a number of former and future governance chairs, governance and Middle States Reaccreditation committee chairs and a Barringer Award winner.

The faculty promotions, effective on Sept. 1, are:

  • Promoted to full professor were: Mary Beth Boylan, Psychology; Eleanor Horgan, Counseling; Olga Malpica Proctor, Mathematics; and Michelle Zuppe, Culinary Arts
  • Promoted to associate professor were: Brent Costleigh, Psychology; Dara Evans, English; Helen Heinmets, Associate Professor; Susan Monroe, Mathematics; Bonnie Ross, Nursing; and Robert Thomas, Philosophy
  • Promoted to assistant professor and granted tenure were: Sara Barnett, Psychology; David Bassano, History; Basem Hassan, Graphic Design; Stephen Hiamang, Mathematics; Kelsey Maki, English; Jaclyn Wilt, Reading; Tiffany Wojcicki, Reading; and Ashley Zampogna-Krug, History
  • Tenure was also granted to: Robert McClure, Automotive Technology
  • View full bios for each faculty member here.

    Carl Guzzo Jr. (l-r), Margaret Agha, John Magliacane, Maureen Murphy and Patricia Sensi stand together during the Staff Performance Recognition program on April 18.

    Carl Guzzo Jr. (l-r), Margaret Agha, John Magliacane, Maureen Murphy and Patricia Sensi stand together during the Staff Performance Recognition program on April 18.

The program continued with the presentation of the 2017 Professional Staff Recognition Award, which recognizes staff members who continually go beyond the call of duty for their students and to support the Brookdale mission. Introducing the honorees, Associate Vice President of Human Resources Patricia Sensi said each nominee was also evaluated by a college-wide review committee comprised of nearly 15 employees.

The three winners, she added, reflected the highest values of Brookdale Community College.

“This recognition is well deserved, and it takes years of sustained engagement and excellent performance to achieve,” said Sensi. “We all applaud the honorees for their accomplishments and their commitment to excellence.

This year’s Staff Recognition honors went to: Margaret Agha, Account Specialist for Continuing and Professional Studies; John Magliacane, Academic Tutor for Computer Science; and Tatiana Shabat, Academic Tutor for Mathematics. View extended bios for each award winner here.

“Every year we bring our recommendations to the president with great pride, and the accomplishments of those recommended for the award. Tonight is no exception,” said Brookdale Professional Staff Association president and review committee member Helen Vota. “Even though these past few years have been challenging for all of us, these candidates stood steadfast in their dedication to students. They richly deserve the support you give them through your approval of this award.”

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