Thursday, June 04

Brookdale Newsroom

Brookdale’s 2014 Collage Launches

College 2014, the student literary magazine of Brookdale Community College, made its debut May 8 at a launch party in the CVA gallery.

This year’s magazine is more compact, with a slim rectangular shape that allows for easy browsing. Creative director and visual arts editor Rachelle Miller, a first-year graphic design student, chose a chevron design and a color scheme based around this year’s popular eggplant hue.

“‘I ended up choosing the latest color and patterns from the year to emphasize 2014,” Miller said.

The horizontal shape of the book is well suited to landscape photography and artwork images, which are often displayed across two pages, she said.

Inside are poems, essays, short stories, photographs, drawings, paintings and digital artwork.  The book also features photographic representations of student sculpture, ceramics and jewelry.

“The book is a wonderful way for all the talented students at Brookdale to showcase their work, but it also teaches critical thinking, leadership and teamwork,” said Kathleen Kennedy, associate professor of English, who served as co-advisor along with Marie Maber, associate professor of art.

Kennedy explained that the Collage staff spends hours analyzing the submissions, photographing the art and jewelry, planning  the book’s design and coordinating the launch party.

During the event, students, faculty and staff picked up their copies of Collage, dined on refreshments and listened as Dr. Murphy addressed the group and students read their poems and stories.  A projector displayed a slideshow of student works and staff pictures.

Receiving certificates of appreciation were Collage 2014 editorial staff members  Rachelle Miller, creative director/visual arts editor;  Mina Cosentino, graphic design assistant/visual arts editor;  Jamiee Nadzan, editor-in-chief;  Patricia Prioli, literary editor/copy editor; Megan Wenng, literary editor; Juliann Fiorentino, literary editor/social media director; Kenny Bieber, literary editor; and Patricia Lafferty, photographer/advertising director.

Readers were  Sam Rubinstein, Nanci Freeman, Mary McQuarrie, Grace Maggiulli, Rosemary Wright, Robert Scott, Jordan Ferrell, Jaclyn Baccarella and Patricia Prioli.

Copies of Collage 2014 are free and are available in the English Department, English and Reading Division office, the Writing Center and the Art Department. Collage tee shirts are available for $15 in the Student Life and Activities Office. Proceeds will go toward next year’s Collage.

Submissions of student writing and visual artwork for Collage 2015 can be emailed to brookdalecollege@gmail.com. To view photos from the Launch Party, click here.