Thursday, February 27

Brookdale Newsroom

Brookdale Board Says Goodbye to Trustee Karcher

In recognition of Charles Karcher’s final evening as a member of the Brookdale Board of Trustees, the board and Brookdale President Dr. Maureen Murphy interrupted regular business during their Oct. 22 public meeting to honor their colleague for his years of dedicated service to the school.

The board began by passing an official resolution of appreciation for Karcher, who they said has served as “a loyal ambassador and ally of Brookdale” since becoming a trustee in April 2012.

While serving on the board’s committees for Governance, Information Technology, Finance and Facilities, Audit and Human Resources, trustee Karcher “always put the welfare of Brookdale students at the forefront of any debate or discussion,” the board said.

“Trustee Karcher has served on the board for four years, through thick and thin,” said board chair Dr. Carl J. Guzzo Jr. “He has always spoken his mind, and I have always valued his opinion. We will miss him here.”

Those sentiments were echoed by Murphy, who expressed gratitude for Karcher’s strong opinions, keen insight and leadership during one of the most difficult time periods in college history. Jokingly admitting that there were “probably six things in the universe” that she and Karcher ever completely agreed upon, Murphy said she was glad to have someone to challenge her opinions.

“Trustee Karcher is someone who understands that reasonable people can look at the same situation and see things differently,” Murphy said. “He has challenged me over the years. He has helped me to understand things from a different perspective. More than that, I think he exemplifies the word ‘trust’ in ‘trustee.’ And I want to thank him for his service.”

The board then presented Karcher with a framed copy of the resolution, along with a special gift on behalf of his colleagues.

A respected attorney with his own law firm in Red Bank, Karcher said he is retiring from the board to focus on local volunteer efforts and spend more time with his wife and two daughters.

“The more I got to know this school, the more impressed I have been,” Karcher said. “I am proud to have served for four years on this board. I wish all the students, all the faculty and all the staff the absolute best, and I urge the board to always, always, always put the school first. Don’t put your personal agenda out there. Put the school and its students first. Thank you for having me.”

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