Sunday, September 27

Brookdale Newsroom

Brookdale Board Applauds Faculty, Staff and Students

The accomplishments of several Brookdale faculty, staff and students were celebrated at the Board of Trustees meeting last night, as the Board voted unanimously to reappoint and promote faculty, and approve Performance Recognition awards for members of the professional staff. Special recognition was also given to the Jersey Blues men’s basketball team and coaching staff for their national championship win.

“Brookdale continues to be one of the finest community colleges in the country thanks to the exceptional work of our faculty and staff; they set the high academic standards so crucial to accomplishing Brookdale’s mission and achieving our goals,” said Brian Butch, board chair. “Thank you for the influential roles you play in our students’ lives.”

A total of 231 full-time faculty were reappointed, some with promotion in rank: 14 tenured faculty, with promotion; nine non-tenured faculty to tenure, with promotion; 30 non-tenured faculty, and 178 tenured faculty.

The Educational Services division facilitates the promotion process, which exemplifies “a democratic and meritorious process,” said Dr. Dianna Phillips, Executive Vice President, Educational Services. Meritorious, because faculty must demonstrate proven teaching excellence; a commitment to professional development, that enhances the teaching and learning process; and community service to their department, to the college, and to the community. Democratic, because promotion packets must pass two committee reviews (division and college-wide), and the approval of the president before being voted on by the Board of Trustees.

The tenured faculty who were promoted in rank are: Professor Patricia Dillon, Biology; Associate Professor Shawnda Floyd, English; Professor Gail Harrigan Nursing; Associate Professor Eleanor Horgan, Counseling; Associate Professor Kathleen Kennedy, English; Professor Joseph King, English; Associate Professor Ave Latte, Education; Professor Daniel Leyes, Speech; Professor Gregory Liano, Mathematics; Professor Glenn Noe, Mathematics; Associate Professor Suzanne Parker, English; Associate Professor Olga Malpica-Proctor, Mathematics; Professor David Stout, Psychology; and, Associate Professor Michelle Zuppe, Culinary Arts.

“These candidates encompass the best of what Brookdale brings to serve its students. They have continuously provided teaching or counseling excellence; they have shown leadership in their departments and divisions, they have given countless hours of college service and also service in their local communities.” said Professor Jeanne Vloyanetes, Library, chair of the College-Wide Faculty Promotion Committee. “By promoting these deserving candidates you have made an extremely worthwhile investment in Brookdale’s educational infrastructure.”

The performance recognitions for six members of Brookdale’s Professional Staff Association (PSA) were the result of “a merit-based, peer driven process that highlights the tremendous value that our professional staff provides; not only to their department, but toward fulfilling Brookdale’s mission,” said Human Resources Dean Patricia Sensi. Carolyn Dennis, Lynn Hodgetts, Sally Kimble, Laura Kirkwood, Phyllis Nicholson and Robert Yamello, were recognized.

“One of PSA’s pillars is our demonstrated commitment to exceed expectations beyond the scope of our jobs. The recognized productivity improvements, increased efficiencies and suggestions on how to decrease expenses and increase revenue tangibly guarantee efficient utilization and maximization of available resources,” said PSA President Helen Vota, Accounts Payable Specialist, College Store.

A total of 69 PSA members have been recognized for their meritorious performance since the program began eight years ago.

“We are fortunate and proud to have employees of this caliber at our college,” said Brookdale President Dr. Maureen Murphy, of both the faculty reappointments, and the performance recognition awardees.

The Jersey Blues men’s basketball team and coaching staff were congratulated on their national championship win. “We are excited and proud to have our NJCAA Division III 2013 national championship winning basketball team here with us tonight, and our coach of the year, Paul Cisek,” Murphy said, as the room exploded with applause.

As team members came forward to receive certificates, each one handed off a t-shirt, emblazoned with their accomplishment, to members of the board.

To view photographs of the meeting, visit the photo gallery.