Sunday, July 12

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Brookdale Arts Magazine Wins 2016 Gold Crown Award
A multi-colored circle containing the words "Collage Volume 46"

Collage, Brookdale’s long-running student arts magazine, has once again been named one of the top scholastic publications in the country.

This month Collage 2016 was awarded the Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s (CSPA) Gold Crown Award, given annually in recognition of outstanding achievement in a student publication.

The honor, presented by an international student press association comprised of student journalists and faculty advisers, marks Collage’s second consecutive Gold Crown award and its third in the last five years. Collage has also earned two CSPA Silver Crown Awards since 2011.

“We seem to have a tradition of excellence with Collage, and in my opinion that is simply a reflection of the high caliber of our students,” said Brookdale graphic design instructor Basem Hassan, who led a team of students in the production of this year’s edition. “The contributions we had – and we had a lot – came from students in every discipline, every department. We receive art submissions from nursing students, writing contributed by STEM majors.

“Then we had a team of skilled, dedicated students who worked hard on the book for months,” Hassan added. “They did research, we took field trips to New York City and Red Bank and Asbury Park to find inspiration. It wasn’t just about producing a book. It was about, ‘What can we do to raise the bar?’ We wanted people to say, ‘Wow, this is something we haven’t seen before.'”

That work, performed by a team of nine Brookdale students and alumni throughout last year, clearly paid off. Collage 2016 earned a near perfect score from the CSPA, receiving 964 out of 1,000 available points.

The completed book featured more than 60 short stories, poems, paintings, photos, architectural design, 3D modeling, ceramics, sculpture and other artwork by dozens of student artists.

“It was a tremendous learning experience for them,” Hassan said, referring to the student “Collage Crew” that poured through hundreds of submissions, designed covers, images and page layouts, edited copy and finally produced the book.

“They really got to understand what it’s like to work under pressure. They had to work as a team and solve problems on their own. They couldn’t just come to me for answers; they had to figure it out. And they did. That, to me, is the most satisfying aspect. Not that we won an award, but that our students were able to produce this kind of work. I just let them do what they do best, and they exceeded expectations.”

The student staff members who produced Collage 2016 were: Rachel Hemple, editor-in-chief; Tyler Lee, art director/director of photography; Shane Connolly, art director/print management; Matt Petersen, literary illustrator; Katelyn Kennedy, director of social media; Diana Pauciullo, design editor; Coral Serrano, design editor; Kenny Bieber, literary editor; and Brittany Cote, literary editor.

Faculty and staff advisors for Collage 2016 included: David Stout, vice president of student success; Robert Quinones, director of student engagement; Jennifer Kaminsky, faculty literary advisor; Basem Hassan, faculty art advisor; and Marie Maber, art professor.

Submissions have already been finalized for Collage 2017, which is expected to be published later this spring.

For more information on Collage, click here. Learn more about Brookdale’s courses in painting, sculpture, creative writing, graphic design and other arts by visiting the Humanities Institute webpage