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Brookdale and Rider Offer Guaranteed Transfer

Beginning in 2016, Brookdale graduates will have increased access and new scholarship opportunities at one of New Jersey’s premier four-year universities. On Feb. 5, Brookdale faculty and administrators joined officials from Rider University to announce a new streamlined transfer agreement between the two schools.

Under the partnership, Rider will offer guaranteed admissions to all Brookdale graduates who earn an associate of arts (AA) or associate of science (AS) degree with at least a 2.5 grade point average. Education students must graduate with a 3.0 grade point average.

Rider will also waive its application fee for all transfer students and offer scholarships of up to $19,000 to eligible Brookdale graduates.

During an official signing ceremony in the Student Life Center on Feb. 5, Brookdale President Dr. Maureen Murphy said the partnership will make it easier and more affordable than ever for students to continue their education at a prestigious university.

“For me this is extra special, because my father is a Rider graduate,” Murphy said. “This is just a wonderful occaision and a wonderful opportunity for our students.”

Rider President Dr. Mordechai Rozanski said the new initiative will build on the colleges’ existing transfer relationship, which has allowed more than 70 Brookdale graduates to transfer and find success at the university in just the last five years.

Brookdale President Dr. Maureen Murphy and Rider President Dr. Mordechai Rozanski sign the guaranteed admissions agreement on Feb. 5.

Brookdale President Dr. Maureen Murphy and Rider President Dr. Mordechai Rozanski sign the guaranteed admissions agreement on Feb. 5.

“You have done a marvelous job educating these excellent students,” Rozanski said. “This new agreement will now guarantee transfer admission to future Brookdale graduates. We will give them full junior status, and they will be eligible for scholarships that range from $10,000 to $19,000 … I am very proud of our relationship, and I look forward to continued success in the future.”

Under the agreement, Rider will accept all credits earned with a “C” or better in 13 different associate degree programs, including business administration, education, English, chemistry, psychology and criminal justice.

Graduates will transfer to Rider as juniors, with 60 credits toward a corresponding bachelor degree. Brookdale students will also have the opportunity to take a Rider course at no cost prior to graduation.

Following the ceremony, Murphy and Rozanski took time out to individually recognize the faculty and administrators at both schools who worked to prepare and finalize the agreement.

“This couldn’t have happened without the work of so many people who are in this room today,” Murphy said, paying special thanks to Ann Tickner Jankowski, director of Transfer Resources and Articulation at Brookdale. “You all make a wonderful team, and I am sincerely grateful for your work.”

Also representing Brookdale at the ceremony were: Dr. Richard Fulton, Interim Executive Vice President of Educational Services; Dr. Nancy Kegelman, Dean of Academics Affairs; Dr. David Stout, Dean of Enrollment Development and Student Affairs; Avis McMillon, Executive Director of College Relations; Patricia Gallo, Dean of Business and Technology; Franklyn Rother, Dean of Social Sciences and Education; Dr. Carl Calendar, Dean of English and Reading; Teresa Healy, Dean of Mathematics; Jayne Edman, Dean of Science and Health Science; and William Burns, Dean of Arts and Communication.

Brookdale faculty and department chairs included: Karen D’Agostino, English; Bettejane Bolen Kenny, English; William Boyke, Chemistry; Barbara Boyington, Business; Eugene DeRobertis, Psychology; Barbara Jones, Anthropology/Human Geography/Sociology; Ave Latte, Education; Anthony “Guy” Pellicane, Criminal Justice; Jonathan Moschberger, Political Science; George Reklaitis, History; and Tom Kapsak, Criminal Justice.

Representing Rider at the ceremony were: James O’Hara, Vice President Enrollment Management; Susan Christian, Dean of Enrollment Management; William Larrousse, Director of Undergraduate Admission; Elizabeth Giardinelli, Transfer Articulation Coordinator; Shannon Conte, Senior Assistant Director of Transfer Admission; and Kristine Brown, Director of Media Relations.

For more information contact Brookdale’s Transfer Resources Office at 732-224-2015 or visit www.brookdalecc.edu/transfer.

For more information about Rider University, visit www.rider.edu or call 800-257-9026.

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