Tuesday, February 25

Brookdale Newsroom

Bankier Library Exhibit Remembers Sandy Anniversary

One year after the catastrophic Super Storm Sandy rocked the Jersey coast, the Bankier Library assembled a display to observe the storm’s anniversary.  The exhibit contains photographs and information about the storm, recovery efforts, hurricane preparation checklists, and more.

“On the anniversary of Sandy, we thought it was worth examining the recovery process and how it could help minimize damage in the future,” said adjunct librarian and exhibit contributor Jan Blundell.

The display reflects the events of the storm and prevention and preparation techniques for future hurricanes. Mary Fiorillo, learning assistant, and David Murray, executive director, substantially contributed to the display and its content.

The display contains photos from several sources, including a local Carnegie Mellon University student and photographer Samuel Murray.  Also featured in the exhibit are regular screenings of Hurricane Sandy: Inside the megastorm, a 60 minute PBS documentary from the Library’s collection.  Books about the storm are also available for checkout.  Visitors are encouraged to sign the guest book and to take a preparation checklist as this hurricane season comes to a close.

The Bankier Library is no stranger to exhibits.  Since 2004, the Library displayed a multitude of exhibits with a wide scope of topics including: LBGTQ rights, Darwin’s 200th anniversary, the Pine Barrens, and many more.  You can visit previous library displays here.  In addition, the exhibits also feature an extensive reading list relating to the exhibits topic.

The Library welcomes all to view the exhibit, checkout a book, and remember the anniversary of Super Storm Sandy.  Visitors are also encouraged to visit upcoming displays.

By: Matthew Ragucci, Library Supervisor