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Ambassadors Organize 2016 Campus Cleanup

With warmer weather quickly approaching, more than three dozen students and employees decided that it was time to do some spring cleaning on the Lincroft campus.

On April 5, Brookdale’s Student Ambassadors – students employees who work with Student Life and Activities (SLA) and Recruitment Services to promote and welcome community members to the college – organized this year’s spring Campus Cleanup.

Volunteers from every division of the Brookdale community formed teams and spread out across the Lincroft campus, armed with garbage picks, trash bags and retractable claws.

Scouring six designated zones – which included nearly all Brookdale parking lots, walkways and surrounding woodlands – the teams collected more than 100 pounds of trash in slightly over an hour. Some of the odder items collected included a light bulb, articles of clothing, a doll and $20 in cash.

Some of the more that 40 volunteers who participated in the annual Campus Cleanup on April 5.

Some of the more than 40 volunteers who participated in the annual Campus Cleanup on April 5.

Representatives from the Monmouth County Department of Public Works and Engineering were present to properly dispose of the waste afterwards.

According to second year-student and current Student Ambassador Paula Lira, the event served as a successful opportunity to both beautify the Lincroft campus and bring members of the Brookdale community together.

“It is a great event that encourages participation from students and employees, and helps to benefit both the school and the areas around us,” said Lira. “The trash that we collect here doesn’t end up flowing into the reservoir, which helps protect the broader community as well.”

In an effort to thank the volunteers that dedicated their time and hard work, the Student Ambassadors provided a free pizza lunch to all participants in the Student Life Center following the clean-up.

“I’m very happy that I participated,” said cleanup volunteer Alexander Nichols. “I thought it was a great opportunity to come together with my classmates and do something to benefit the college. It really shows people that we can make a difference when we all pitch in.”

The Campus Cleanup was part of the Student Ambassadors’ semester-long leadership project, which will be featured in detail during the college’s Student Achievement Showcase on April 14.

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– Article by Mikaela Mazzeo, college relations intern