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Professor under investigation after cursing out student

from the New York Post

A New Jersey community college professor is under investigation for berating a conservative student in a profanity-laced tirade that was caught on camera.

Brookdale Community College sociology professor Howard Finkelstein allegedly slammed his hand on a desk and screamed the f-word at a conservative student, Christopher Lyle, in a discussion about sexual harassment that another student captured on Snapchat last Wednesday.

“He’s constantly called me into his office and told me I can’t speak in his class because of my beliefs,” Lyle said.

Joey Smith, who captured the exchange on video, told Fox News he was recording the Sociology 105 lecture on his phone because he knew the “unprofessional” professor was going to do something “offensive or stupid.”

The class at the time was discussing how women are victims of sexual harassment. When Lyle interjected that men can be victimized by women and offered a personal example, Finkelstein slammed the desk and shouted “f–k your life!”

The two students accused Finkelstein of using his class period to single out and bash Lyle for his conservative views, telling a veteran in the class he’s a “murderer,” and lecturing incessantly on white privilege.

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