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High School Student to College Scholar

As with many community colleges across the country, the need to remain innovative and current with both course offerings and pedagogy is critical in the retention of students and ultimately in the student’s ability to complete a degree or certificate program. One way to improve retention and set students on the path to completion is to encourage student engagement.

Study the Market Before Heading Off to College

The nation is training twice as many K-5 elementary school teachers as needed each year while shortages remain in math, science and special education, according to a recent report by the National Council on Teacher Quality.

Rolling Stone: Lorraine Stone Onstage

Lorraine Stone slipped into a periwinkle and pink button-down dress, a floral apron and white Keds and entered the stage at the Brookdale Performing Arts Center on Monday.

Drafting a President

When presidents become unpopular, a “Dump (fill in the blank)” Facebook page is a standard part of seeking a change.

Transcript for Work

The rap on college transcripts is that they don’t tell employers much, thanks to grade inflation and the failure of conventional grades to predict performance on the job. So to try to give their students’ transcripts more heft, a two-year college in Missouri now includes not only their grades, but a job readiness score and their attendance rate as well.

Not a Last Resort: 5 Community College Myths Debunked

Even as community colleges experience record-high enrollment, the stigma surrounding these institutions still prevails. In a country that takes pride in exclusive four-year universities, community colleges are often regarded as second-rate. However, with government attention devoted to the reform and funding of community colleges, maybe it’s time to change the way we view them.

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